INSURRECTION: Pro-Choice Rioters Create Hostage Situation At AZ Capitol

After Roe V Wade was ousted, things got a little crazy at Arizona’s state capitol. Lawmakers were allegedly held hostage and police were forced to use tear gas to disperse crowds. 

Fox News reported, The situation escalated into a “hostage” situation as lawmakers were instructed not to exit the building, Republican Arizona State Senator Kelly Townsend said.

Protestors outside had reportedly threatened to break the glass on the Senate entryway in order to gain access to the building and lawmakers inside. Republicans have started referring to the situation as an “attempted insurrection”.

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“While working inside we were interrupted by the sound of bangs and smell of tear gas,” said state Rep. Sarah Liguori on Twitter. Tanks of heavily armed and geared police officers were seen entering and guarding the state Capitol after protestors dispersed. 

Afterward, representatives thanked their law enforcement officers largely via Twitter for “preventing an insurrection,” but is this really what we do now as Americans? Any time we get mad at the government we destroy government property that we pay for and endanger representatives that we elect? 

The political climate in America has become ever more violent year after year in America, particularly on the left and the trend doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon. 


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