Ketanji Brown Jackson Confirmed To Supreme Court By Senate

Biden’s promise to place a black woman on America’s highest court has been fulfilled. Ketanji Brown Jackson was confirmed by the Senate on Thursday. 

The vote came in at 53-47 with Susan Collins and Mitt Romney joining Democrats to vote in favor of her confirmation. 

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Jackson will replace Stephen Breyer at the end of the court’s 2021-22 term, likely in June or early July when Breyer officially retires. The court’s makeup will remain intact, with a 6-3 conservative majority. 

Romney has been no stranger to abandoning his Republican colleagues to vote as a Democrat. Republicans who supposed the confirmation cited several major reasons. Some Twitter users pointed out, that Romney actually voted against Jackson as a federal court judge.

During her hearings, Ketanji Brown Jackson appeared to dodge several questions related to court-packing, gender, and sentencing for child pornography offenders. 

When asked if she could define the word “woman” by Sen. Marsha Blackburn, the nominee stumbled. She responded by saying that she could not provide a definition because she is not a biologist. 

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As we well know, a person does not need to be a biologist to define simple English words, especially when English if the first language of the asked person. 

“Based on her record, I believe she will prove to be the furthest left of any justice to have ever served on the Supreme Court,” Ted Cruz said on Thursday. 

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