Senate Introduces Not So Bipartisan Gun Control Package

The Senate has introduced what some refer to as a “common sense” gun control package. The bill is allegedly bipartisan despite half of the Senate not supporting it. 

Really, the bill has to do with much more than gun control. Congress tends to handle several issues all at once, label a bill based on one major issue and pretend that it only addresses that issue. 

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Fox News reported, The proposal includes initiatives to support state crisis intervention orders; a national expansion of mental health services for children and families; expanding mental health programs in schools; enhanced review process for gun buyers under the age of 21; penalties for straw purchases; additional funding for school resource officers. 

The bill is not quite as bad as it could be and does tackle some important issues relating to school security Likely because of this Minority leader Mitch McConnell endorsed the package. It is important, however, not to forget the Senate’s history on this issue. 

Directly following the Uvalde school shooting, Republicans introduced a school safety bill named after a Parkland shooting victim. The bill aimed to establish a federal clearinghouse on best school safety practices, and ensure that children were not defenseless. 

Majority leader Chuck Schumer would not even allow the bill to be voted on. He told Republicans that if they wanted to discuss the bill, he would only allow it if gun control was discussed first, placing the safety of school children behind partisan agendas. 

Almost in the same breath, Schumer condemned Republicans for not acting, insinuating that they did not care about grieving families who had lost loved ones to mass shootings. 

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