Two More Texas Deserters Test Positive For COVID-19

After fleeing their responsibilities in Texas, three Democrat lawmakers on their way to DC contracted COVID 19. 

On the same day that VP Harris made her way to Walter Reed Medical Center for a “routine” appointment, two more Texas deserters tested positive. 

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Fox News reported, The group of Democrats fled the Lone Star State to deny Republicans in the state legislature a quorum, which refers to the minimum number of lawmakers needed to carry out legislative business.

The lawmakers thereby obstructed Republicans’ attempt to pass election integrity legislation that the Democrats disliked. 

In total over 50 traitors to their constituents abandoned Texas. Allegedly all lawmakers were tested after word got out that the first person tested positive. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced that Deserting Democrats will be arrested when they arrive back in the state, and that he will continue calling for special sessions.

This is the second time democrats have abandoned their legislative duties. Earlier this year, these same democrats staged a walkout before a vote on the same bill, thus delaying it. 

Because they left, there was not enough lawmakers present for a vote to legally be had. Democrats knew this, and that’s exactly why it happened. 

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