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Trump to Visit Iowa for Small County Breakfast Club Meet with Iowans

Trump and DeSantis Duel for Attention as They Battle for Support in Iowa


Donald Trump is set to visit Iowa for a small county breakfast club, after canceling a rally there due to severe weather a few weeks ago. This visit comes after Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his candidacy with planned visits to Iowa.

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Trump will speak at the Westside Conservative Club in Urbandale on June 1st, which is a staple for Republican candidates running for local government. This event will be far smaller and intimate than the large rallies Trump usually holds, but it is the perfect opportunity for him to connect with Iowans as he seeks a second term.

The former president is using retail campaigning as a way of engaging with voters in Iowa, which is a departure from his usual tactics. Trump will also film a Fox News town hall and attend a private meeting with pastors. Meanwhile, DeSantis, his chief rival, will make his first swing through Iowa as a declared presidential candidate.

DeSantis plans to kick off his campaign in Des Moines on May 30, before holding events in Sioux City, Council Bluffs, Pella and Cedar Rapids. Both candidates are on a collision course as they seek the support of Iowa Republicans ahead of the GOP’s first-in-the-nation caucuses.

Trump’s arrival in Iowa will create yet another split-screen moment as he and DeSantis duel for attention. Polling data shows that Trump has a commanding lead with about 48% of the vote, compared to DeSantis’ 25%, but a bevy of other contenders will be on hand as well. The candidates will be speaking at U.S. Sen. Joni Ernst’s annual Roast and Ride fundraiser, set for June 3 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds. Speakers include radio personality Larry Elder, former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, businessman Perry Johnson, former Vice President Mike Pence, entrepreneur Vivek Ramaswamy, and U.S. Sen. Tim Scott.

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The Westside Conservative Club meeting in Urbandale is a natural fit for Trump as it provides an opportunity to meet with ordinary voters in a relaxed, comfortable environment. This is something that Trump’s campaign has largely eschewed in the past, but it is clear that he is willing to go to greater lengths to win over Iowans. The club, which meets twice a month at the Machine Shed restaurant, is known for its intimate setting, with coffee served by waitstaff dressed in overalls and checkered shirts. As a staple for Republican candidates, it attracts candidates running for local government up to the presidential level.

The smaller and more subdued nature of this event does not mean that it is less important than Trump’s usual rallies. Rather, it presents an opportunity for him to get to know Iowans on a more personal level, something that is essential in a retail-politics state like Iowa. Trump can connect with voters in a way that is not possible in a large rally setting. These small-scale events will likely prove critical as Trump and DeSantis battle it out for the support of Iowa Republicans.

DeSantis and Trump’s relationship has been fraught with tension in recent months. When DeSantis made his first trip to Iowa in March, Trump held a rally in the same city just days later. And earlier this month, the pair were scheduled to hold dueling rallies on the same day. Trump canceled his outdoor rally due to the threat of tornados, clearing the way for DeSantis to claim the spotlight with a last-minute meet-and-greet at a Des Moines BBQ restaurant. This rivalry is sure to heat up as they battle for support in Iowa.

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The Roast and Ride fundraiser is a major event on the political calendar in Iowa, and it is a natural draw for leading contenders. This year, there will be a host of speakers including Trump, DeSantis, and a range of other notable conservative figures. The Roast and Ride is known for its excellent food, music, and camaraderie, and it is a perfect opportunity for politicians to connect with ordinary Iowa voters. The event is scheduled for June 3 at the Iowa State Fairgrounds, and it is sure to draw a large crowd.

It is clear that Trump’s visit to Iowa is motivated by a desire to cement his status as the leading Republican candidate for 2024. He is keen to engage with Iowa Republicans directly, which is why he is taking the unusual step of attending the Westside Conservative Club, as well as speaking at other events across the state. Trump knows that Iowa is a bellwether state for Republican politics, and he is determined to make a strong showing there. The Roast and Ride fundraiser is a key opportunity for Trump to build momentum, and to demonstrate that he is still the most viable candidate for 2024.

It is also clear, however, that DeSantis is a major threat to Trump’s ambitions. The Florida governor has been gaining ground in recent months, and he has a loyal base of supporters who see him as a worthy successor to Trump. DeSantis has proven to be a formidable campaigner, and he is likely to give Trump a run for his money in Iowa. While Trump has a significant lead in the polls, DeSantis is not to be underestimated, and he is sure to put up a strong fight in Iowa and beyond.

In conclusion, Trump’s visit to Iowa is a key moment in the lead-up to the 2024 election. It is a chance for him to connect with voters in a more personal way, and to engage with Iowa Republicans directly. Trump knows that Iowa is a crucial state, and he is determined to make a strong showing there. DeSantis, his chief rival, is also making a play for Iowa voters, and the battle between the two candidates is sure to be intense. Iowa Republicans will be looking closely at both candidates to see who can best represent their interests in the years ahead.

While Trump and DeSantis are clearly the leading contenders at this early stage, there are a host of other candidates who are likely to throw their hats in the ring. Former Vice President Mike Pence is one such candidate, and he is scheduled to speak at the Roast and Ride fundraiser. Other notable conservative figures, ranging from entrepreneurs to former governors, will also be in attendance. Iowa Republicans will have a chance to see these candidates up close, and to evaluate their strengths and weaknesses.

So far, it appears that Trump has a commanding lead in Iowa, with DeSantis playing catch-up. However, the situation on the ground can change rapidly, and it is still early days in the race for the 2024 Republican nomination. Trump knows that he cannot afford to take his lead for granted, and he is working hard to maintain his momentum. His visit to Iowa is an important part of this effort, and it is sure to be closely watched by political observers across the country.

In the end, the winner of the Iowa caucuses will likely set the tone for the rest of the race. If Trump can win in Iowa, he will be in a strong position to go on and secure the Republican nomination. But if DeSantis can pull off an upset, it will be a major blow to Trump’s campaign. Either way, the battle for Iowa is sure to be one of the defining moments of the 2024 election.

It has been clear from the outset that the 2024 Republican nomination is likely to be a contentious, hard-fought, and unpredictable affair. With so many candidates vying for the top spot, it is impossible to predict who will emerge as the winner. Trump and DeSantis both have strong claims to the nomination, but they will face stiff competition from a range of other candidates. The Iowa caucuses will be a critical test of their abilities, and the outcome is far from certain.

Overall, the upcoming events in Iowa represent a crucial moment for the future of the Republican Party. With the 2024 election looming, Republicans across the country are looking to Iowa for clues about who they should support. Trump and DeSantis both know this, which is why they are working hard to make a strong showing in the state. For the candidates and their supporters, the next few weeks will be an intense, nerve-wracking, and exciting time as they battle for the future of the Republican Party.

In conclusion, it is clear that Iowa will play a pivotal role in the race for the 2024 Republican nomination. Trump and DeSantis are both making a play for Iowa Republicans, and they are likely to be the top contenders once the dust settles. However, with so many candidates in the race, it is difficult to say who will come out on top. All we can do is watch, wait, and see what the future holds for the Republican Party.


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