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Fox News Announces Sudden Departure of Conservative Commentator Tucker Carlson


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Tucker Carlson, a popular conservative commentator, has officially left Fox News, as announced by the network on Monday. The statement expressed gratitude for Carlson’s service, both as a host and a previous contributor to the network. Friday marked the final day of Carlson’s popular television show, which regularly attracted millions of conservative viewers.

In the interim, Fox News will fill the 8 p.m. slot by launching a new program called ‘Fox News Tonight.’ Various Fox News personalities will take turns hosting until a permanent replacement can be found. Throughout his tenure, Carlson proved to be a ratings powerhouse for the prime-time network, with his show consistently drawing over 3 million viewers nightly and outperforming rival cable pundits.


The surprise departure occurs just days after Fox News agreed to settle a costly $787.5 million defamation lawsuit with Dominion Voting Systems. The suit concerned extensive coverage of former President Trump’s baseless voter fraud allegations and the purported involvement of Dominion’s software. Notably, Dominion attorneys’ depositions revealed previously undisclosed communications involving some of Fox News’ most prominent hosts, including Carlson himself.

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One widely reported text exchange between Carlson and his fellow prime-time hosts, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham, caught the attention of many. In the conversation, Carlson expressed a passionate dislike for Trump and referred to the voter fraud claims as ‘insane.’ This revelation likely came as a shock to many of Carlson’s conservative viewers.

Since its debut in 2016, Tucker Carlson’s show has been no stranger to controversy. The program frequently brought on contentious guests and tackled heated topics such as race and immigration, appealing to a passionate conservative demographic. As a result, the show became a popular stage for Republican candidates and conservative activists eager to expand their reach among voters and donors.

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Earlier this month, former President Trump participated in an extensive interview with Carlson, using the opportunity to criticize both Democrats and the media. The news of Carlson’s sudden departure sent shockwaves throughout the conservative community, leaving many to speculate about the reasons and potential implications.


During Fox News’ ‘Outnumbered’ program, host Harris Faulkner reiterated the network’s statement, describing the decision as a mutual agreement between both parties. Faulkner also expressed gratitude for Carlson’s contributions during his time with the network.

Interestingly, Carlson hinted at no indication of his looming departure during his final appearance on Friday. As he closed his show, he told viewers, ‘That’s it for us for the week. We’ll be back on Monday.’ This statement further fuels the curiosity and speculation surrounding his exit.

On that same Friday, Carlson attended an event for the conservative Heritage Foundation, an organization he once worked for as a copy editor and fact-checker. The now-defunct policy review quarterly was an important venue for conservative thought and discussion.

Heritage Foundation president Kevin Roberts addressed Carlson after his speech, stating, ‘If things go south for Fox News, there’s always a job for you here.’ To this, Carlson wryly responded, ‘You’ve saved me before.’


Carlson’s departure from Fox News leaves a significant void in the conservative media landscape, as many viewers tuned in specifically to hear his takes on current events. His show’s enduring popularity, along with the announcement’s abruptness, has undoubtedly taken many by surprise.

As Fox News regroups and searches for a new host to fill the void, some have pondered the implications of the recent lawsuit as a possible contributing factor in Carlson’s departure. However, neither party has confirmed any correlation between the two events.

The prospect of finding a suitable successor to fill Carlson’s shoes may present a challenge for the network, given his distinct voice and fervent following. Nevertheless, Fox News, as a formidable powerhouse in conservative media, will likely continue to serve its loyal audience with incisive commentary and hard-hitting opinions.

For now, viewers can only speculate whether Tucker Carlson will return to the conservative media fray or choose a different path in his career. His departure from Fox News only deepens the uncertainty about the future direction of the conservative media landscape.

As both dedicated fans and casual observers ponder the reasons behind Carlson’s sudden exit, one thing is certain: his departure marks a significant moment for conservative media. The coming weeks and months will likely reveal more about the future of Fox News as it adapts to a post-Carlson era.


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