Hot Mic Catches Biden: ‘No One F***s With A Biden’

While visiting Florida to survey damage from Hurricane Ian, President Joe Biden was caught saying “no one f***s with a Biden” to a local official.

Biden was talking to Fort Myers Mayor Ray Murphy after taking questions from reporters.

“You were raised the same way I was,” he told the mayor.

“I was, I was,” Murphy said before Biden responded, “No one f***s with a Biden.”

“Yeah, you’re goddamn right,” Murphy replied.

“And you can’t argue with your brothers outside the house,” Biden added as Murphy agreed.

The president and first lady Jill Biden were visiting Fisherman’s Wharf in Fort Myers, where homes and businesses were destroyed by Hurricane Ian.

Biden was joined by Gov. Ron DeSantis and his wife, Casey, as he spoke to a community of people.

“Today, we have one job and only one job, and that’s to make sure the people in Florida get everything they need to fully thoroughly recover,” he said.

“We’re here today because we wanted to tell you in person that we’re thinking of you and we’re not leaving. We’re not leaving until this gets done” the president continued.

Last week, he asked where the late Rep. Jackie Walorski was, despite having publicly mourned her death and calling her family to offer condolences eight weeks ago.

Biden also said he could sympathize with those affected by Ian because of his own home’s damage from a lightning strike that caused a fire in 2004.

“I know from experience, how much anxiety and fear and concern are [among] the people,” the president said. “We didn’t lose our home, but lightning struck and we lost an awful lot of it about 15 years ago.”

Biden extended the federal emergency relief by 30 days, making it available for 60 days.

DeSantis commented on the cooperation of all levels of government during his speech.

“One of the things that you’re seeing in this response: We are cutting through the bureaucracy. We are cutting through the red tape, and that’s from local government, state government all the way up to the president,” he said.

Biden also seemed to dig at DeSantis over climate change, as the Florida governor has previously stated “I am not a global warming person.”

“What the governor has done is pretty remarkable so far,” Biden said. “First of all, the biggest thing the governor has done and some of the others have done, they recognize this thing called global warming.”