“Fox News Tonight” Ratings PLUMMET in First Show Without Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson’s Absence May Impact Loyal Conservative Viewership


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The premiere of ‘Fox News Tonight’, the show replacing ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’, experienced a decline in ratings for the crucial 25- to 54-year-old demographic, as indicated by Show Buzz Daily data. The departure of Tucker Carlson, co-founder of the Daily Caller and leading primetime host for the network, occurred swiftly on Monday morning. The original ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ broadcasted on weekday evenings at 8 p.m.

Brian Kilmeade, an anchor for the network, is now hosting the replacement program. The ratings on the initial night for the key demographic group were lower than those of Carlson’s show on Monday, April 17, just one week earlier, according to the ratings provided by Show Buzz Daily. ‘Fox News Tonight’ earned a 0.24 rating in the 25-54 demographic, whereas Carlson’s show boasted a 0.37 rating in the same category on April 17.


Furthermore, the new program drew in nearly 2.6 million viewers in total, which is notably less than Carlson’s show on Monday that attracted approximately 3.7 million viewers. Carlson’s final episode, which aired on Friday, April 21, managed to reel in 2.65 million total viewers, beating CNN’s ‘Anderson Cooper 360’ and MSNBC’s ‘All In With Chris Hayes’.

In 2022, ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ secured the second position in cable news viewership, garnering a staggering 3.3 million total viewers, as reported by Adweek. The only show to surpass Carlson’s ratings was ‘The Five’, another Fox News program that airs outside of primetime. For several years, Fox News has consistently conquered the cable news ratings, consistently besting its major competitors CNN and MSNBC.

As a prominent conservative host, Tucker Carlson’s absence from the network might pose a potential concern for loyal viewers who appreciated his particular take on news and politics. Retaining and growing the target 25-54 demographic is of utmost importance for advertisers, as this age range is considered extremely valuable in terms of revenue generation.

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The network’s decision to abruptly replace Tucker Carlson with Brian Kilmeade may have come as a surprise to many viewers, especially given the immense popularity of ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’. It remains to be seen how the new show, ‘Fox News Tonight’, will fare in the long run and whether it will manage to recover the lost ground in terms of ratings.


As cable news channels aim to provide a variety of programs to appeal to diverse audiences, the challenge lies in determining which hosts and topics resonate the most with viewers. The departure of a popular host like Tucker Carlson could potentially shift the balance, as fans may or may not choose to stick with the new replacement program.

Brian Kilmeade, a seasoned anchor and host, certainly has the experience and knowledge to helm ‘Fox News Tonight’ as its new figurehead. However, it is crucial for the network to ensure that the content and presentation of the show align with audience expectations and preferences, in order to maintain and expand viewership in the competitive news landscape.

The initial dip in ratings might not necessarily denote a permanent decline in viewership for ‘Fox News Tonight’, as viewers might require some time to adapt to the change in hosts and the show’s overall structure. It is essential to monitor the show’s progress and growth over an extended period to assess its true performance and longevity.

This development highlights the crucial role that popular hosts play in keeping audiences engaged and tuned in to their respective networks. It serves as a reminder of the high stakes involved in the world of cable news, where the retention and growth of viewership is vital for maintaining a competitive edge in a constantly evolving media landscape.


It is not only Fox News that needs to pay close attention to the performance of its new program, but also rival networks like CNN and MSNBC. A potential decline in viewership for Fox’s prime time offering could create opportunities for these competitors to gain a greater share of the lucrative 25-54 demographic audience.

Advertisers and media buyers will also be keenly observing the outcome of this significant change in the Fox News lineup. Their investments and decisions to advertise on specific programs are largely based on the size and value of audiences attracted by these shows, and any fluctuations in ratings could consequently impact advertising revenue.

As the landscape of cable news continues to evolve, networks must find ways to adapt and innovate, ensuring they maintain their core audiences while drawing in new viewers. The transition from a widely popular program like ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to its replacement, ‘Fox News Tonight’, typifies the challenges faced by these networks in sustaining viewer interest and loyalty.

While the initial decrease in ratings may raise eyebrows, it is vital to approach these figures with cautious optimism. As audience preferences and loyalties shift over time, networks like Fox News must remain vigilant in assessing their programming and adjusting their strategies to meet the ever-changing demands of viewers and advertisers alike.


Ultimately, the success or failure of ‘Fox News Tonight’ will depend on its ability to engage and captivate viewers in the long run. In the competitive world of cable news, every prime time program and host not only represents the face and values of their respective networks, but also plays a pivotal role in determining the network’s overall performance in capturing and retaining a substantial audience.


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