Ron DeSantis’ Presidential Announcement FAILS as Twitter Spaces CRASH

#DeSaster is now Trending as Twitter Spaces Fail


Florida Governor Ron DeSantis had planned to declare his candidacy for the presidential race, but unfortunately, technical glitches on Twitter derailed the announcement.

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Elon Musk, the owner of Twitter, mentioned that the servers were straining when he was supposed to have a conversation with DeSantis about the governor’s bid for the White House via the app’s live audio stream.

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Despite these issues, DeSantis had filed for federal paperwork, officially announcing his run for the Republican presidential nod.

His campaign had also released a video in which DeSantis said that he was running for President to lead a great American comeback.

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The original Twitter Spaces webcast was abandoned as technical issues, including disruptions during DeSantis’ remarks, continued to pop up. Furthermore, this botched event ensued as Musk pushes to improve Twitter’s revenue.

Despite having listed more than 500,000 listeners, the first Spaces event failed, and a new Twitter Spaces webcast was started by Musk and investor David Sacks, who happens to be an ally of both men. And yet, this stream also faced technical issues.

An official from DeSantis’ campaign tried to put a positive spin on the event, telling NBC News that the governor DeSantis had broke the internet, which showed the strength of his candidacy.

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His critics, however, used the botched event to scrutinize his presidential bid. It was evident that his top political opponents seized the opportunity to criticize him as well.

Meanwhile, President Joe Biden’s official Twitter account reacted to the glitch fest by asking for contributions to his re-election campaign.

This event came at a time when Musk was trying to increase Twitter’s revenue. Despite the disappointment of not being able to make his announcement live, DeSantis remained focused on his presidential bid.

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So, what does this mean for DeSantis? Will the glitch fest affect his campaign? Will he recover from this? These questions are all too soon to be answered. In the meantime, DeSantis is expected to take steps to mitigate the damages that may have been inflicted on his campaign.

The DeSantis campaign must take lessons from this event. They must work harder to show that they are better and more capable beyond the technical difficulties Twitter’s servers had brought them.

Overall, the opinion of this event affecting DeSantis’ presidential bid can only be determined with time. It is too soon to consider this glitch fest as a significant drawback to his campaign.

Many on Twitter are already starting with calling DeSantis #DeSaster , also claiming that his is working for the establishment. Only time will show what will happen next.


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