DeSantis BEATS Trump in Presidential Poll

There’s no doubt that this year, Ron DeSantis has become notably popular among Republicans, but has the Florida Governor truly rose to more popularity than Donald Trump? 

The Hill reported, “Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) ran narrowly ahead of former President Trump in a straw poll of potential 2024 candidates in a survey conducted over the weekend at the Western

Conservative Summit in Denver.

Of attendees who responded to the survey, 74.12 percent said they would approve of DeSantis for president in three years, compared with 71.43 percent who said the same of Trump. DeSantis won 275 votes, while Trump got 265.“

Some, on the left show their disregard for both Trump and DeSantis rather than favoring the Florida Governor.

Being able to contend with Donald Trump is no easy task. His popularity in the GOP was thought to be unmatched. 

Others included in the poll were Ted Cruz, Mike Pompeo, Tim Scott, and Kristi Noem. The former President and the Florida Governor taking an immense lead over the others. 

DeSantis can attribute some of his newfound popularity to his fight against big tech and the censorship of Floridians and his astounding resilience to widespread pandemic related shut downs. 

The Washington Post Politics Twitter Page queried when Trump will ‘turn’ on DeSantis. No Such event is likely. Both men are too widely popular. In fighting between the two would likely cause an even bigger rift in the Republican party.

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