‘Transparent’ White House Refuses To Comment On Hunter Biden Laptop

The White House has made a miraculous flip on the Hunter Biden laptop story, from “Russian disinformation” to refusing to comment. 

The Daily Caller reported, On October 19, 2020, current White House press secretary Jen Psaki tweeted out an article published by Politico which cited “more than 50 intelligence officers” who signed a letter claiming the Hunter Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation.

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During the President’s campaign, he managed to shrug the story off, but as a more clear picture was painted, officials started defending Biden by saying that Hunter does not work for the government and that Joe had never discussed Hunter’s business dealings with him. 

This is now verifiably false as Hunter has since admitted discussions with his father about dealings, and also admitted to introducing his father to associates. 

Wednesday it was also revealed that Joe Biden had penned a Brown University letter of recommendation for Jonathan Li, the son of a powerful Chinese business associate working with Hunter. 

In 2013 on an Air Force 2 trip to China, Joe Biden met with Xi Jinping and was introduced to Li by Hunter in the lobby of the hotel designated for the American delegation. 

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Since 2020, the laptop story that was ousted from Twitter has been verified by the New York Times.

Now, officials have simply decided “We don’t comment on the laptop.” This is exactly what the White House deputy press Secretary told Fox News. 

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This is the same administration that on the campaign trail promised to restore transparency to the White House. Instead, the American people receive almost no answers to the questions they have. Almost any time someone challenges Jen Psaki a deflection is returned. 


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