Top NIH Scientists Opposes vaccine Mandates And Is Not Vaccinated

The left loves to paint a narrative that the right wing in America disregards science and scientists for standing against vaccine mandates. 

However, one of Dr. Fauci’s top scientists actually stands against vaccine mandates and is not vaccinated himself. 

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Science is a contested field consisting of thousands of experts who all disagree with eachother. Often times, especially on new topics, there is no, or very little actual consensus. 

The Daily Caller reported, The National Institutes of Health (NIH) will hold a roundtable discussion on the ethics of vaccine mandates Dec. 1, and it will feature a scientist from Dr. Anthony Fauci’s agency making the case against forced vaccination for COVID-19.

Dr. Matthew Memoli runs a clinical studies unit at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), the agency headed by Dr. Fauci, and will make the case against vaccine mandates at the NIH event, according to The Wall Street Journal. Memoli has said he supports COVID-19 vaccination in high-risk populations, such as for the elderly or obese, but emailed Fauci on July 30 to say that mandatory vaccination is “extraordinarily problematic.”

NIH employees are currently under orders to be vaccinated by November 22nd despite 88% of NIH workers already having received the inoculation.

Individuals tend to be much more willing to do something, when the government is not coercing or threatening them into doing that things. 

Currently the Biden Administration is forcing Americans to get the vaccine under threat of job loss. This is a manipulative tactic that gives an ultimatum: get the vaccine, or your family starves. 

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Memoli clarified that he is not an anti-vaxxer. “I do vaccine trials. I, in fact, help create vaccines.” He simply does not think forced vaccination is ethical, and is incredibly problematic. 


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