NAVY SEALs Continue To Fight For Religious Exemptions

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Navy SEALs have begun fighting for religious exemptions to the military’s vaccine mandates. 

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The Daily Caller reported, Some Navy SEALs’ case for religious exemptions to COVID-19 vaccination trudges along in the Fifth Circuit court as defense leaders remain wedded to the Biden administration’s military vaccine mandate. 

Currently, only 46 of the 3,375 sailors who have requested a religious exemption have actually been accepted. The basis for their acceptance and the denial of others is unclear. 

While pandemic-related restrictions have largely loosened in the public and private sectors but the DoD has held that the requirement to be vaccinated is integral to the safety of the military. 

“The law is on our side. The Constitution, federal law, and DOD regulations all protect religious liberty in the military, and our courts have repeatedly reminded us that there is no (COVID-19) exception to the Constitution,” said an attorney, Mike Berry with the  First Liberty Institute representing the group of SEALs. 

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The SEALs first filed with First Liberty in 2021 arguing that the unjust restriction from the Biden Administration is a violation of the constitution. 

The issue becomes dicey, the constitution specifically delegates powers not outlined in the document to the states, but the military is not subject to the domain of any states. 

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This is likely because the framers of the constitution never intended to have federal standing armies. 

The SEALs however argue based on the First Amendment right to freedom of religion. This clause, if constitutionally argued could strip the government of much of its powers over the military. 

Republican Rep. Louie Gohmert from Texas said, “Generally, military members are required to follow orders, but in this case, the military has shown sheer hostility toward religious exemptions rather than using the least restrictive means possible. In its effort to be draconian, the military refused to even recognize the now proved science of natural immunity.”

While the court process stalks out many service members will be left completely unable to receive promotions or even continue their training. 

All this mandate serves to do is stall out the military, obstruct duties and force ideological and religious conformity. 


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