Democrat USES National Guard in Political STUNT

Republican Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene incorrectly said Guam was a foreign nation that didn’t need to receive foreign aid at CPAC 2021. In response, Democratic Guam Delegate Michael F.Q. San Nicolas took several Guam Army National Guardsmen to her office to confront her.

He previously told The Guam Daily Post, “Congresswoman Greene is a new member, and we will be paying a visit to her and delivering delicious Chamorro Chip Cookies as part of our ongoing outreach to new members to introduce them to our wonderful island of Guam.”

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In a recorded video taken on Monday, Nicolas showed up with a gift basket that appeared to have all of those goodies. Around him, soldiers were standing with some of them recording the situation on their personal phones.

The video shows when Nicolas knocking on Greene’s office door when staffers opened it and told him she wasn’t around and would return in about 15-20 minutes.

One of the staffers said, “Thank you guys so much for all that you do. We really appreciate it. Thank you guys for keeping us safe.”

Business Insider reported her February clip from CPAC surfaced on March 9.

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Greene said, “I’m a regular person. And I wanted to take my regular-person, normal, everyday American values, which is, we love our country. We believe our hard-earned tax dollars should just go for America, not for what? China, Russia, the Middle East, Guam, whatever, wherever.”


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