Poll Shows that Gen Z Views CRT More Favorably Than Capitalism

A recent poll reported by the Morning Consult and the Daily Wire, revealed that Gen Z favors critical race theory over capitalism. 

Though one is a theory of race, and the other is a theory of economics, they are both ideas. A higher percentage of those surveyed held negative views of capitalism compared to CRT. 

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The survey consisted of over 1,000 Gen Zers. Members of Gen Z were born from 1997-2008.

19% viewed CRT negatively while a whopping 31% viewed capitalism negatively. It’s also

Important to note that 24% held a negative view over socialism. 

It’s odd that members of this generation place more value on a curriculum of lies and deceit than capitalism. 

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Capitalism is responsible for virtually every luxury and opportunity ever enjoyed by the very people who resent it. 

The participants likely completed their surveys on smartphones, or computers. Those items are products of capitalist markets.  

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Without the incentive of wealth gain, innovators like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates never would have created/worked for or with companies like Apple or Microsoft. 


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