Biden Admin Seeks Political Revenge Against Trump Supporters

John Demers, head of the National Security Division of the Justice Department, is set to resign from his position effective June 25th. His departure had been arranged soon after the 2020 election, as is often the case when new administrations take charge and implement their own staff. This change, however, is being correlated with reports that the Trump Administration’s efforts to attain private communications of Democrat officials, media figures, and lawyers in the wake of leaked information.

The appropriateness of the actions taken by the former Trump Admin is to be evaluated by IG Michael Horowitz.

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In tandem, a watchdog review of the subpoenaed communications of Representatives Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell. Schiff has been instrumental in the multi-year Mueller probe, and Swalwell facing heat for an apparent relationship with a spy working at the behest of the Chinese Communist Party. Bill Barr and Jeff Sessions are, as well, speculated to receive requests to testify regarding the actions of the department.

“They must testify, Sessions and Barr must testify under oath as part of a formal congressional investigation,” said Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.

The United States government, despite being met with a ballooning threat from China, economic inflation, a harrowing jobs report, and a president who repeatedly confused Syria and Libya at the G7 summit days before a meeting with Russian President Putin, seems most interested in political payback. Palace intrigue is a constant, and justice is something that seems to pass by those in power. Were Donald Trump’s actions indeed improper, it seems all the more likely that it would have been seized upon by the media and the House during one of either his attempted removals from office.


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