Cuomo’s Daughter: “Victims Deserve To Be Believed And Supported”

Amid sexual misconduct allegations, Cuomo will have to cope with ramifications as a father if they turn out to be True. 

The governors daughter, Michaela is an extremely outspoken when it comes to her viewpoints on sexual misconduct investigations. 

In the past, Michaela has claimed (in an essay) that “survivors deserve to be believed and supported.” While at the same time condemning investigations. She says investigations serve as a way to defend power instead of “to decipher the truth or dole the consequences.”

It seems obvious that Michaela fails to realize, that we don’t actually know who is a victim, and who is a liar.  “Survivors” as she puts it should always be believed if their story is proven true, but not before. If we lived in a system where these investigations did not occur, her father would be deemed guilty by default.

If there was not investigations that challenged the credibility of accusers, real victims would have it far worse. Their stories would become saturated and confused with the stories of false accusers. On top of this, false accusations would be weaponized further than they already are.

As of now, Michaela’s opinion on her fathers allegations is unclear. Perhaps this may be a suitable time for the governors daughter to reflect on her own rhetoric. It’s likely that she is conflicted and in disbelief of the women lofting claims toward her father. Thus contradicting herself.

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Cuomo, Just as any other person accused of a crime is innocent until proven guilty not guilty until proven innocent.


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