Biden Still Hasn’t Been Briefed On Raid, Attorney Says No Classified Docs Found

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Almost an entire week after the FBI raided the Palm Beach home of former President Donald Trump, Joe Biden still hasn’t been briefed on the situation. 

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, told the host of “This Week” that thus far there hasn’t been a brief on the raid. 

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The FBI claims to have seized top secret documents from Mar-a-Lago and the warrant to do so was personally approved by Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland. Surely if the reports are true, this constitutes a Homeland Security issue, so why hasn’t Biden been briefed?

She claimed prior when asked during a press conference that Joe Biden believes in the “rule of law” and the “independence” of DOJ investigations. At what point does this also become a Department of Homeland Security concern? If what the DOJ claims is true? 

So far the claims appear weak and flimsy. The FBI even seized the Grant of Clemency for Roger Stone, a non-classified document fully viewable and printable from the Department of Justice’s own website. 

Just after the raid, Trump claimed on Truth social that all documents were declassified. Presidents have the ability to declassify information at will, the only question is did he? 

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This appears to be nothing more than the latest installment of the MAGA witch hunt. The January 6th select committee was failing and dying, the walls were closing in so the federal government needed a new tactic. 

Trump’s lawyer claimed Sunday that no classified documents were taken from the resort and that she confirmed that there were no classified documents at Mar-a-Lago as far back as June. 

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The documents are reportedly covered by attorney-client privilege, but the attorney was denied a proposal for an independent ‘special master’ to review the documents to determine if they are actually what the FBI claims they are. 


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