AFT President Says Anti-CRT Rhetoric Spells ‘The Demise Of Public Schools’

American Federation of Teachers (AFT) President, Randi Weingarten has alleged that anti-critical race theory rhetoric spells out the “demise of public schools,” according to emails.

“The real agenda of the right, as Betsy DeVos, Christopher Rufo, and others make clear, is the demise of public schools and the fracturing of our neighborhoods,” the email obtained by the Daily Caller said. The individuals mentioned are strong CRT critics.

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The CRT curriculum often pushes students to view all aspects of life, and all interactions through the narrow lens of race. General interpretations allege that its doctrine is based on the idea that anyone who is not “anti-racist” and actively waging war against racist, is also racist.

the curriculum itself was never meant to be taught in an elementary, middle school, or even high-school setting. really it wasn’t even designed for undergraduate college students. CRT began as a graduate program for students who have the ability to understand it, and instructors who have the skill to teach it.

Standing against CRT in public schools can’t be the “demise of public schools” if it was never meant to be taught at public school in the first place. High-school teachers largely do not possess the necessary education to teach the material – If they did, they would likely be professors.

Parents fear the minds of their children being warped by a divisive and controversial theory that allows for political interjection from the person teaching it. Especially due to the fact that much of the doctrine surrounding CRT isn’t true.

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