Anti-Mandate Protestors Block Doors At NYC DOH Demnding Audience

After vaccine mandates were removed for professional athletes but remained in place for doctors, nurses police officers, and more, anti mandate protestors took their fight to the NYC health commissioner.

They stood in the building blocking doors and demanding that they be allowed to speak with the commissioner. As this happens security guards pull out batons and threaten the activists. 

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“Really? Really? Really?!” One activist says as a security guard pulls back and extends her baton positioning herself to use it. 

A video of the event went viral, though everyone depicted (roughly 7 people between both sides) appears to be yelling. This makes it incredibly hard to tell what exactly is being said by who. 

After the baton comes out, a staffer in plain clothes wearing an ID lanyard steps between security and the protestors attempting to push them back. Though it seems as though the protestors were not actually trying to enter the door, but rather trying to block it. 

This happens just as another security guard appears on the protestor’s side of the door. One protestor begins shouting “tell her to stand down” in to reference the staffer. 

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As this happens, everyone settles down slightly, but yelling still echoes throughout the halls of the building. 


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