Gruesome Drawings From Michigan School Shooter Revealed

On the day of Ethan Crumbley’s violent rampage through Oxford High School, he was caught making some disturbing doodles on his classwork. Court documents have revealed these sketches. 

One drawing depicts a person laying in a pool of blood covered in what appears to be bullet wounds. Next to the figure are the words “the thoughts won’t stop – help me”. 

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Another doodle seems to show a gravestone. Above the stone “blood everywhere” is scrawled. 

Other areas of the paper say things like “my life is useless,” and “the world is dea(unreadable)”. There are drawings of laughing face emojis and a handgun. 

All the while it is apparent that Crumbley had his firearm in his bag. The 15-year-old after a meeting with his parents entered the bathroom and came out without his backpack possessing the weapon. 

Allegedly after he was confronted by prosecutors Crumbley changed the drawings. He apparently scribbled over the gun, and crossed out “blood everywhere” and “help me”. 

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He also added, “I love my life so much!!!!” “OHS Rocks!” to the paper. 

Despite the case already being essentially open and shut, he claimed that the drawings were ideas for a video game. 

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The parents had come to Oxford high school the day of the shooting after the discovery of the disturbing drawings. The parents allegedly were aware of Crumbley’s access to the handgun purchased only days prior but withheld the information from school officials. 

Ethan was ultimately allowed to return to class. Shortly after he carried out the brutal attack on his classmates. 


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