Candidate For NY Governor Supports Defund Police, Has NYPD Detail

It was recently revealed that one of the candidates for New York governor travels around the city with NYPD detail and lives on a military base despite his support for defunding the police.

Jumaane Williams, who was elected as the New York City Public Advocate in 2019, is now running for governor of New York.

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Williams vows to “bring transformational change to Albany” and has previously described himself a Democratic Socialist.

The New York Post reported that Williams lives on the Fort Hamilton U.S. Army Garrison in Brooklyn. He is also provided with NYPD security detail because of his position.

In order to enter the garrison, one must submit a background check and go through security checkpoints. There are 228 homes, 15% of which are occupied by civilians.

One of Williams’ representatives explained that the area was chosen because of its affordability rather than its position on a base.

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However, Williams has continued to be a leading voice on defunding the police, especially in 2020. When the city proposed a budget cut for police funds, Williams argued that it was an insufficient defunding.

Joseph Rolland, a Bay Ridge resident, told the New York Post “Obviously, it’s very hypocritical”. “I feel like it’s a situation where regular citizens are not allowed to defend ourselves, and people like our elected officials can”.

“What I would say to the elected officials is if you’re so anti-police and so anti-gun, then you should give up all of those privileges that allow you to protect yourself,” Rolland added.

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