NYPD Continues TO Prohibit Marijuana Use Despite Legalization

Despite the recent legalization of marijuana in New York, the substance Eakins prohibited for police officers. 

The New York Tikes reported: “Marijuana may now be legal in the Empire State, but the NYPD doesn’t want New York’s Finest going to pot, according to a memo dispatched to all uniformed and civilian members.”

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The NYPD will continue to test their officers for drug use. If use is detected the officers will remain subject to suspension or termination from the force. 

Under current law, residents outside of the police force are allowed up to 3 ounces of marijuana on their person outside of their home. 

The policy also states that the smell of Cana is alone, is no longer probable cause for the search of a vehicle. This could be problematic when it comes to residents driving under the influence. 

Officers are also instructed, not to stop residents smoking in public.

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