VP Harris Has NO Current Plans To Visit The Border

Many Americans have become concerned with the fact that Vice President Kamala Harris has not visited the border. This week, she was confronted by NBC’s Lester Holt. 

“At some point, you know, we are going to the border,” Harris nervously said after Holt asked twice if she plans to visit. “We’ve been to the border. So this whole thing about the border. We’ve been to the border. We’ve been to the border.” She said. 

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Holt responded by clarifying that SHE, specifically had not been to the border. 

“And I haven’t been to Europe,” she responded. “And I mean, I don’t … understand the point that you’re making. I’m not discounting the importance of the border.” 

It seems as though the difference between visiting the United States border to Mexico, and visiting Europe are entirely different. A trip to the border could take Harris a day. 

Harris asserted that she is more concerned with finding the root cause of the immigration. That’s why she went to Guatemala. She claimed “it is my firm belief that if we care about what’s happening at the border, we better care about the root causes and address them. And so that’s what I’m doing.”

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Harris fails to understand the root of frustration in her own country. It is not the job of America to solve issues in other countries. It is America’s job to secure its own borders and the safety of its own people.

Holt explained that Republicans, and Democratic congress persons in border districts want her to see first hand what’s happening. She fell short of answers.

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