11 GOP Members Flip TO Remove Marjorie Greene From Committee Assignments

Thursday, the House of Representatives voted to remove controversial Republican rep. Marjorie Greene from her committee assignments.

The vote totaled 230-199. 11 Republicans flipped and voted against Greene. The house felt as though Greene believed dangerous ideas, including Qanon conspiracy theories.

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The Republicans that voted with Democrats include: Adam Kingzinger, Nicole Malliotakis, John Katko, Brian Fitzpatrick, Carlos Gimenez, Chris Jacobs, Young Kim, Maria Salazar, Chris Smith, and Mario Diaz-Balart.

The Representative defended herself by saying that she was in fact allowed to believe things that weren’t true, however regrettable.

She is correct. There is no crime in potentially believing something that may, or may not be true. After all until something is proven behind a shadow of a doubt there is no certainty.

However, there has to be some expectation of gullibility. Especially when serving in the United States Congress. It would appear, Taylor falls outside of this expectation.

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Aside from comments on 9/11 it would appear Democrats have another motive in mind. Marjorie Taylor Green is a stern supporter of the Second Amendment.

To answer Steny Hoyer, the message it sends, is that we have representatives in congress who are willing to defend the second amendment.

If our elected representatives are not allowed to keep and bear arms, who is? House Democrats treat government proceedings as if they are still in high school. Rather than be productive, they are more concerned with dragging each other through the mud.

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