Biden Staffer Blocks Cruz From Recording Border Facility

As the border crisis continues, and Joe Biden refuses to allow journalists inside of border facilities… Ted Cruz picked up a new profession. Ted Cruz, Texas Senator, and part time video journalist. 

ABC 13 in Houston reported, “Sen. Ted Cruz posted a video of a woman he identified as a Biden administration staffer blocking him from recording at a migrant facility on Sunday.

Cruz and Sen. John Cornyn led a Senate delegation tour of the Texas-Mexico border last week in response to the immigration crisis surging.”

The woman stood in front of the Senator pleading, “please have respect for these people, this is not a zoo” As if the congressman’s intentions were to humiliate the migrants. This was of course not the case. Cruz wanted to expose the shadowy facilities to the American people.

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In Biden’s first press conference, he claimed that he ran for three reasons, one of those reasons was restoring transparency. So far Biden has been anything but. 

The President specifically asked if he would commit to transparency and allow journalists into border facilities. His answer, was a reluctant and conditional yes. A yes, that would only be a yes, after he cleans up the mess that he doesn’t want America to see. 

So in reality, the answer was really no. Yes he will allow journalists in the facilities, eventually. But no, he will not commit to transparency. 

Or, Yes he will commit to transparency, but only after he tints the glass and drapes an opaque veil over reality. 

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Sending a staffer, to block the camera of a United States congressmen truly showed the length at which this as ministration is willing to go to maintain the facade.


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