National Guard Deploys to the Border as Migrant Crisis Rages

Amid the ongoing deluge of migrants overpopulating detention centers – at least those that are actually apprehended – the red states that are directly being tasked with and being harmed by this unprecedented crisis seem to be going it alone.

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem has distinguished herself among her fellow governors by assisting Texas in its ongoing border control efforts. 50 of the state’s national guard troops have been deployed to aid in operations to stem the tide of illegal crossings that pose a direct social and economic risk to the country; which is already rocked with near recession-level jobs numbers, inflation, and nightly unrest in major urban centers. A national crisis, after all, affects everyone in every state regardless of who chooses to acknowledge it.

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Texas Governor Greg Abbott graciously accepted the aid. But there is a growing trend of governors working to assist Texas as its own border wall project continues.

And while many political groups are outraged that these states would have the nerve to band together and defend their own interests, the greatest source of controversy appears to come from the fact that this national guard troop deployment was funded, seemingly in full, by a private donation from Willis Johnson, proprietor of the Willis and Reba Johnson’s Foundation, a salvage, and auction company.

So it’s okay for celebrities to campaign for and donate to political causes, as well as for foreign investment to drive legislation, but if a state dares offer help to a humanitarian disaster with aid from a legal donation, that’s too far. Pride month has only been over for a couple of days and many twits on Twitter have already forgotten which demographics most of the billion-dollar, multinational corporations spent 30 whole days pandering to. It wasn’t Texans or South Dakotans.


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