‘Lawlessness’ at border due to Biden no deportation policy

A Texas sheriff from Jackson County says that lawlessness has struck the southern border thanks to Joe Biden’s ‘no deportation’ policy. 

“Every peace officer in the United States should be extremely concerned about the attitude, the lawlessness, the complete abject removal of law,” SherIff Louderback told Fox News

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With Joe Biden’s anti deportation policy, illegal immigrants who are committing legitimate crimes cannot face deportation. People who are illegally in this country, can steal, assault, commit fraud or even get a DUI without being kicked out. It truly feels as if we are living in a dystopian novel. 

“The memo that I received this last week it’s essentially a defund ICE by memo, by memorandum. It was sent out by David Pekoske on Jan. 20, 2021,” Louderback went on to explain 

 “a particularly devastating document for Texans and Americans here in the United States” because he said “”t’s a message to the world:  you can come here illegally, you can commit crimes here against Americans and remain illegally.”

Louderback also explained that to his knowledge illegals are also not being tested for COVID 19 before being released back into the US. 

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it is painful to admit that some Americans actually believe that this was an intelligent move on part of the President.

Louderback believes this policy will bring irreparable harm to our nation, and more specifically Texas.

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