Donald Trump RAILS Biden’s Border Crisis in Statement

Former President Donald Trump, release a press statement on Wednesday regarding President Joe Biden’s southern border crisis, claiming America “is being destroyed.”

The statement started, “Our recently secured Southern Border is now worse than ever before. At no time in our Country’s history has anything so outrageous taken place.”

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“The Biden Administration stopped construction of the small remaining openings in areas of the almost 500-mile long wall, have taken away all authority from our great Border Patrol, and have ended such long fought for policies including Remain in Mexico, Safe Third Agreements, and our hugely-successful program that completely stopped Catch-and-Release Millions of people are pouring through our Border, including many criminals being released from jails, for such crimes as murder, drug smuggling, and human trafficking. In the history of our Country, it has never been more dangerous or worse. They do not have long to act as our Country is being destroyed,” it continued.

The Republican National Committee’s research team posted statistics on Twitter about the number of encounters at the border from illegal migrant crossings. When comparing

March 2020 and 2021, there has been a 400% increase in unaccompanied children.


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