Alabama Town Disbands Police Department After Racist Joke

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One racist cop? Disband the entire force. This is the philosophy of one Alabama town. 

The Vincent city council voted to completely disband their police department after one single officer had sent a joke regarding slavery to a co-worker. 

The officer, listed as 752 in his co-worker’s contacts asked “What do y’all call a pregnant slave?” Two responses came through, first “?” Then “??”. 752 responded by saying “BOGO Buy one, get one free.”

Now this officer may very well be racist, however people, and comedians who are not racist often tell dark jokes and jokes regarding different groups of people including their own. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the officer is racist, though it’s certainly possible.

One thing is for certain, this person told a distasteful, and quite an unfunny joke in a very inappropriate situation. 

The town of roughly 2,000 people was outraged. This caused the Mayor to push for a resolution that completely dissolved the police force. 

Now anyone who was working there has lost their job, but the local sheriff’s office has promised to step up and fill their shoes.