Minnesota Drops Race Prioritization for Covid Treatment Amid Outrage

After criticism, Minnesota has removed race as a factor when considering which patients will receive monoclonal antibody treatment for COVID-19. 

The true enigma is why the race was even a priority factor in the first place. The woke left-wing seems to have adopted all kinds of affirmative action programs that scream “the 1950s southern United States”.

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According to the Star Tribune, the FDA deemed such disturbing prejudiced policy to be “ethically appropriate”. Above all else, there seems to be no legitimate rhyme or reason for racial prioritized treatment, aside from politicians virtue signaling. 

Fox News reported The new move came the same day that health departments in Utah and Minnesota faced potential lawsuits after issuing guidance using race and ethnicity as factors in prioritizing the distribution of coronavirus treatments

Allegations from America First Legal (AFL) allege that prioritizing people of color when distributing COVID-19 treatment is “blatant discrimination” and a breach of federal law. 

New guidance prioritizes immunocompromised individuals as well as pregnant women, older individuals, and people with underlying conditions that could potentially cause a more severe case of COVID-19. This guidance makes far more sense than the previous off-the-rails race policy. 

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Even if POC’s are dying of COVID-19 at a higher rate than whites, it is not as a result of their race or ethnic background. Their risk factors lay in other places, like wealth, medical history, and underlying conditions. However, these are not problems exclusive to the black community. 

The obvious solution is to prioritize help to Americans in poverty, struggling with their health and other risk factors. The race is not a risk factor. White men and Black men are not inherently or genetically any more likely to contract the virus or die from it. 

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