3 Killed 11 Injured In Philidelphia Shootout

In Philadelphia at least 11 were wounded and 3 were killed as multiple shooters opened up on a crowd of civilians. 

One of the deceased identified as Gregory Jackson, a 34-year-old was allegedly “involved in a physical altercation” which is believed to be the incident that started the shootout. At some point, the two parties began shooting at one another. 

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The three shooter disaster may have been linked to gang activity but it’s currently unclear exactly what exactly prompted each side to take up arms against one another.

Jackson was nested in a crowd of innocent bystanders, many of whom were shot, wounded, or killed. The hospital treating patients says that so far only one patient has been released. 

Both shooters were struck with a bullet, however, Jackson was the only shooter who succumbed to his injuries and died. 

Bystanders shot ranged in age from 17 years old to 69 years old. One 23-year-old is in critical condition from being shot numerous times in his torso. It’s unclear if he will survive. 

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Some bystanders were even injured by the damage caused by the bullets indirectly. One 49-year-old woman was injured by glass that was shattered on impact. 

Aside from the deceased shooter and the injured, one additional shooter fled on foot after dropping his handgun. Surprisingly police say that at this point, no arrests have been made at all. 

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