Andy Ngo Reveals Medical Assistant’s Racist, Violent Posts

Journalist and author Andy Ngô has brought attention to the violent and racist tweets of Danielle Salinas, a medical assistant at Portland hospital.

Ngô tweeted that Salinas is a “militant communist who works w/patients, she calls for political violence, domestic terrorist attacks & the deaths of others”.

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In the thread he created on Twitter, Ngô shared multiple screenshots of posts Salinas has made, including ones she has deleted.

“I can’t believe I’m stuck inside this metal tube with a bunch of white people who think putting a thin cloth over their mouth and nose for an hour and 49 minutes is a violation of their personal ‘freedom’,” Salinas tweeted.

She has also said “white man extinction button” and “I said: calling white people ‘cracker’ is good”.

In another tweet, Salinas claimed “I’m a communist. There are no good cops. Burn the precincts & prisons to the ground. Land back. Free Palestine and BLM”.

Ngô noted that Salinas has “access to patients” at the Portland hospital.

Salinas has tweeted “I want everyone in the White House to burn, if I’m being completely honest” and claimed she lied about her trip to Cuba.

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In the third part of the thread, Ngô said Salinas “responded to my 2019 Antifa beating by saying I should have been hit with cement”.

“Adam Kelly and I, both nearly killed by Antifa on 6-29-19, were treated at @OHSUNews—who employs her,” he continued.

In Salinas’ tweet, she said “I’m glad that dumba** got his sh** rocked,” “cement would have been good if it were true- because they deserve it,” “Antifa is god,” and “f**k the Portland Police”.

Salinas has now locked her account and deleted most of her racist, violent tweets.


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