Doctors ARE PERFORMING Gender Surgeries On Kids

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The mainstream media is constantly insinuating that doctors aren’t actually performing sex change surgeries on minors, or at the very least downplaying the situation. New reports indicate that this is indeed occurring. 

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Public documents from the Boston Children’s Hospital detail that doctors are providing these permanent procedures to people under the age of 18. 

The Daily Caller reported, The hospital has performed at least 65 transgender chest surgeries on minors, the vast majority of whom were biologically female and identified as transgender males. 

According to the National Institutes of Health, the hospital had performed 204 “gender-affirming surgeries” were performed on minors between 2017 and 2020. The patients ranged in age from 18-15. 65 of these surgeries were chest surgeries. 

The reports indicate that the surgeries weren’t on genitals, but did make irreversible changes to the bodies of the children. Despite this, the staff supported genital surgeries for minors. A paper called “Ethical Issues Considered When Establishing a Pediatrics Gender Surgery Center” was written for the Boston Children’s Hospital Ethics Advisory Committee and detailed their views. 

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The staff concluded that vaginoplasties should be available to transgender minors so that they may “safely embark on their adult life.” When the paper was written, one minor had been offered the surgery. 

A vaginoplasty in the context of sex change is a surgery where a penis is evaluated, removed, and reconstructed into a vagina. 

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The BCH website has since been updated, but prior to public outrage, their guidance page listed 17 as the youngest age to receive a vaginoplasty surgery.  


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