NYPD Lowers Physical Standards Amid Record Retirements And Resignations

New York City is still having trouble maintaining its police force. There’s little love for the NYPD in the big apple, for this reason, officers have been retiring or moving to more friendly areas. 

The NYPD has seriously reduced its PT requirements in an attempt to strengthen its numbers amid record retirement and resignation. 

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The New York Post reported, The department replaced a faux 6-foot wall inside the Police Academy gym with a chain-link fence that’s easier to climb, according to official recruiting videos posted online.

Recruits were also previously required to run a mile and a half in 14:21 or less. This requirement has been done away with.

“If you can’t pass the basic requirements for being a police officer, you shouldn’t be one,” one long-time officer said. 

New York once revered its police officers in the same way they do for other first responders like EMS and firefighters. Now officers are vilified and associated with the conspiracy theory of modern systemic racism. 

Officers aren’t seen as individuals, they’re instead treated as cogs of one big racism machine. The phrase “ACAB” or “All cops are bad (bastards)” has become incredibly popular in New York since 2014 with the death of Michael Brown in Baltimore. 

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It’s no wonder that officers are leaving the NYPD when they could retire, or seek work on the force in an area where law enforcement is viewed in a more positive light.

While some officers are bad or enforce tyrannical laws, our average everyday patrol cops serve to protect our rights and safety. 

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