Joe Rogan Expresses Gratitude To Fox News For Having His Back

During a recent episode of ‘The Joe Rogan Experience, Joe opened up about his rather recent attack from the left-wing mob. Rogan brought a vaccine skeptic, Robert Malone on his show, in order to diversify the opinions on his show. 

Subsequently, the far left sent a barrage of attacks on the famous podcast host and UFC officiator. 

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“They had my back through all the crazy s–t that happened with me. It was Fox News that f–king had my back,” Rogan said Tuesday while defending his friend Dave Chappelle against similar attacks. 

While interviewing Fahim Anwar, another comedian, they talked about the attempt on Chappelle’s life in Los Angeles when an assailant rushed on stage with a knife while he performed at the Hollywood Bowl. 

The attacker was allegedly upset by Chappelle’s jokes about homeless and transgender people. 

The allegations of transphobia and intolerance even caused Netflix to drop the famous comedian. Since, the company higher-ups have cracked down on their employee’s woke antics, telling them maybe “Netflix isn’t for you”. 

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