Times Square Billboard Slams Washington Post And Taylor Lorenz

A giant billboard calling out the Washington Post was put up Tuesday in Times Square, New York City after it revealed the identity of the “Libs of Tik Tok” Twitter account.

“Hey WaPo, democracy dies in darkness,” the billboard says. “That’s why we’re shining a light on you. Taylor Lorenz doxxed @libsoftiktok. @Timcast”.

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The billboard was reportedly paid for by podcaster Tim Pool, who thanked Daily Wire co-founder and co-chief executive officer Jeremy Boreing for an “assist”.

On April 24, Pool posted a tweet asking if he should buy a billboard with a message about Taylor Lorenz, who wrote the Washington Post article.

Boreing said that he currently had a billboard in Times Square advertising his new shaving company, Jeremy’s Razors. The “first thing we should do is see if we can swap it over or get extra time,” he added.

Lorenz recently published an article doxxing the Twitter account “Libs of Tik Tok,” revealing the identity of the account owner and including a link to her real estate page, which included her home address.

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“Tim Pool and the CEO of the Daily Wire took out a giant billboard in Times Square today in an attempt to discredit my reporting on Libs of TikTok,” Lorenz tweeted.

“Im not discrediting your reporting, I’ve repeatedly said it was justified and ‘publishing a name we can argue the merits,'” Pool responded.

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“I’m calling you out for lying when you and WaPo denied linking to private details. You published Libs’ private address, just own it,” he added.

“My family and friends are not happy. They have been subject to a non stop stream of hateful attacks, doxxing, and violent attacks driven by this baseless campaign. Happy to hear you’re moving on,” Lorzenz continued.

She also tweeted that “This billboard is undeniably so idiotic it’s hilarious, but don’t forget that these campaigns have a much darker and more violent side. I’m grateful to be at a newsroom that recognizes these bad faith, politically motivated attacks and has a strong security team”.


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