NYPD Officers Resign In Troves

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Cops are leaving the NYPD in massive numbers.

The New York Post reported, Ever-growing exodus figures show 2,465 police officers have filed to leave the department this year — 42% more than the 1,731 who exited at the same time last year, according to the latest pension fund stats obtained by The Post.

The Post noted that surprisingly, many of the cops have left the force before reaching their 20th year and qualifying for a full pension.

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“This exodus is the result of cops in the prime of their careers deciding they have had enough. … The NYPD should stop trying to explain this staffing crisis away. Admit there’s a problem and help us fix it,” said Patrick Lynch, President of the NYPD Benevolent Association.

New York is not a kind city to its protector’s in blue. Officers are beaten, slandered, and insulted simply for the career path that they’ve chosen. 

With this in mind, it’s no wonder that NYPD officers are hanging up their hats, especially when they’re qualified to work in a state of city that is more appreciative of their guardians. 


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