Americans Explain How The SCOTUS Draft Opinion Will Effect Their Votes

With impeccable timing, the Supreme Court draft opinion on Roe v. Wade was leaked just in time for primaries now Democrats are naming it. 

Fox News conducted a series of interviews at Harvard Square. Many voters indicated that they had strong opinions regarding abortion, but that the leaked opinion wouldn’t influence their voting behavior unfortunately for Democrats. 

Some even acknowledged that the leak was likely intentional, and used by Democrats to energize their base. 

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“Men have no right to make decisions about women’s bodies,” one woman named Cassandra said indicating that her vote would not be changed. Oddly enough, it was a court made up of men that made the ruling that protected abortion back in 1973. The court actually has more women currently than it ever has. 

“I’ll continue to support the politicians that support women’s rights,” Cassandra concluded. It’s likely that the leak stunt will only affect the voting habits of more moderate Americans. 

“I was gonna vote anyway, but now I’m gonna vote—not twice because that’s illegal, but it’s gonna be a strong one vote.” Said a man calling himself Nick.

Other interviewees said that they hope the news incentivizes others to vote blue who otherwise may not have voted, or may have voted another way. 

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