BLM Activists Nearly Cause A Shootout In Louisville

Saturday, protestors marched through the streets of Louisville Kentucky with signs in relation to Breonna Taylor, a young woman who had been shot and killed by police in the city. 

According to the Daily Caller: “Approximately 50 protesters stopped at La Chasse restaurant and began to harass restaurant patrons”

Not long after, both protestors and patrons of the restaurant brandished weapons. A Twitter video was posted where a gun can clearly he seen in the hand of an agitated restaurant guest in the outdoor dining space. 

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Some, more levelheaded protestors urged their fellow activists to move along and leave the area before the altercation escalated. This is 

of course the best idea to prevent any harm. 

The issue would have never arisen in the first place, if demonstrators did not decide to harass private citizens on private property unprovoked.

An employee of the restaurant told the police that “multiple armed protestors entered the out door dining space. During the encounter both patrons and protesters brandished firearms.”


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