Trump Threatens To Sue CNN For ‘Defamatory Statements’

Former President Donald Trump has threatened to sue CNN and other networks over “defamatory statements” about the 2020 election.

The announcement came Wednesday when Trump said “I have notified CNN of my intent to file a lawsuit over their repeated defamatory statements against me”.

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“I will also be commencing actions against other media outlets who have defamed me and defrauded the public regarding the overwhelming evidence of fraud throughout the 2020 Election. I will never stop fighting for the truth and for the future of our Country!” he added.

In a 282-page notice, Trump’s attorneys from Ifrah Law are accusing the network of publishing “false statements” about Trump in “numerous articles and televised transmissions”.

“CNN must publish a full and fair correction, apology, or retraction, in the same editions or corresponding issues of the website publication in which the aforementioned articles, transcripts, or broadcasts appeared and in as conspicuous a place and type as said original article, transcript or broadcast within ten (10) days from the date of service of this notice,” it reads.

Attorney James Trusty estimated CNN has aired “defamatory comments” about Trump approximately 7,700 times.

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“Failure to publish such a correction, apology, or retraction will result in the filing of a lawsuit and damages being sought against you, CNN,” the notice says.

The letter cites dozens of examples of CNN insisting Trump’s election fraud claims were “lies,” as well as its framing of the claims as a “Big Lie”.

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“Without regard for President Trump’s genuine belief in his statements, CNN has published numerous articles characterizing him as a ‘liar’ and the purveyor of the ‘Big Lie,'” it reads.

“By refusing to acknowledge President Trump could be correct or that he could genuinely believe his contention is correct, CNN has willfully acted in disregard for the truth and has acted with reckless disregard for the truth,” it continues.

Since leaving office, Trump has repeatedly claimed the election was stolen or rigged against him.

In December 2020, then-Attorney General Bill Barr announced that the Department of Justice was unable to find evidence that massive voter fraud occurred.

Following the 2020 election, dozens of lawsuits were filed over the claim of fraud, but they were ultimately dismissed due to lack of evidence.


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