Candace Owens Announces Intentions To Sue Cardi B

After Candace Owens spoke ill of Cardi B’s “WAP” on Fox News, the two began exchanging in a barely readable Twitter argument. 

Cardi paraded to “Candy” that thanks to the mention on Fox, her sales would go up. Owens, fought through Cardi’s child like grammar and fired back. 

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Things took a turn, when Cardi B posted fabricated screenshots regarding Candace and her husband. The (fake) tweets coming from Owen’s account alleged that her husband had cheated on her with her brother, and denied her upon a request to “join them” 

After Owens gave Cardi several opportunities to admit that perhaps she was wrong and spreading falsehoods, she announced that she would absolutely be suing the musical artist for slander.

Cardi clapped back by claiming that she would be counter suing.

The only issue is that Candace never claimed that Cardi or her team photoshopped the tweet. Only that it was in fact photoshopped, Owens was simply making her aware. 

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