Democrats Block Bill Requiring Illegals To Be Tested Before Release

Democrats are all in on legislation that blocks the liberties of United States citizens in the name of safety, but refuse to acknowledge the dangers of COVID 19 when it comes to illegal immigrants. 

Hundreds of illegals have been released back into the United States, and shortly there after  tested positive for the coronavirus. 

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Republicans introduced legislation called “Requiring Every Alien to Receive a COVID-19 Test Act” or “REACT” sponsored by Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-IA). REACT would of course mandate that the Department of Homeland Security test all illegals before they are released from custody. 

This is a bill that could potentially save lives, and prevent United States citizens from becoming sick. If you thought it might be a bipartisan effort, you’d be mistaken. 

This, is not something that both Democrats and Republicans can get behind. Democrats, despite their rhetoric, do not care about containing the virus. They care only about maintaining the facade of compassion.  

Rep Miller-Meeks explained why she believed this legislation was necessary in the house floor Tuesday: 

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“This week, I traveled to El Paso, Texas, to meet with CBP agents and officers. I saw firsthand the crisis they are facing, and I believe it is our job in Congress to address it and assist them. Approximately 50% of agents have tested positive for COVID-19, and very few migrants are being tested. My REACT Act would require that every migrant released from CBP or ICE custody is tested and receives a negative test. Border security and immigration is not an issue that only affects border states, it affects every community across the country. By ensuring that individuals entering the country are negative for COVID-19, we can help keep our communities safe and healthy.”

Unsurprisingly democrats blocked this bill. There were 212 votes against, and 200 votes in favor. 


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