Biden Becomes Laughing Stock Of World Leaders At G-7 Summit

Biden has been embarrassing himself in front of world leaders since he entered office. Most recently he showcased his cognitive capacity and attention span at the G-7 summit.

The G-7 summit is a meeting where the leaders of the most economically advanced nations meet. 

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The Daily Caller reported, “World leaders meeting at the G-7 Summit had a laugh at President Joe Biden’s expense when he reminded British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to introduce the president of South Africa after Johnson had already given the introduction.

‘And the president of South Africa,’ Biden said enthusiastically as he pointed his finger in the direction of where he was sitting. Johnson then corrected Biden and reminded him that he already did introduce him”

Biden was also one of the only world leaders wearing a mask during a virtual climate summit earlier this year. Biden, sported his mask despite being six feet away from any person, and not physically meeting with leaders. 

The Caller also reported that the President seemed to confuse and interchange Syria and Lybia.

Biden’s supporters will still defend his mental state and claim that he does not suffer from any type of memory loss or cognitive decline. Meanwhile America’s leadership has become a point of humor for world leaders. 


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