Disney Does Away With The Phrase ‘Boys And Girls’ To Ensure Inclusivity

Disney has moved to do away with “gendered language” like “ boys and girls” to promote “inclusivity”. 

A “boy” as defined by Oxford is simply a “male child, or young man” if i child’s sex is male, they are a boy, and the reverse for a female child. Almost everyone has biological sex with very few instances of intersex people, who typically find themselves aligning more or less with one of the other. 

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Walt Disney Land in Florida has used “Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls” as a greeting for park-goers. Now, this has been replaced with “good evening dreamers of all ages.”

“We’ve provided training for all of our cast members in relation to that. So now they know it’s ‘Hello, everyone,’ or ‘Hello, friends,'” said Disney’s diversity and inclusion manager. 

Many have become frustrated, not because this affects them but rather because it’s seen as more women theater from the entertainment giant. 

“We want to create that magical moment with our cast members, with our guests,” she said. “And we don’t want to just assume because someone might be in, our interpretation, may be presenting as a female that they may not want to be ‘princess.'”

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Some park goers have come forward claiming that Walt Disney would be “rolling in his grave” if he saw the way that his company has bent to the woke mob. 

“When our annual passes expired in February, we did not renew them because of our displeasure with the way Disney has gone overall, not just on the particular issue, but on all their wokeness.” Said one Floridian.

The company has also experienced employee walk-offs over a perceived lack of opposition to Florida’s “Don’t say gay” bill that prevents education on sexuality and gender orientation for students k-3.

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