Leftwing Insurgents Create New Autonomous Zone

Following the almost a year of violence that ravaged our nation in 2020 dangerous protests continue. An autonomous zone similar to Seattle’s “CHAZ/CHOP” zone has been set by left wing militants at a George Floyd Memorial Site in Minneapolis.

After creating barricades the militants made it clear that police were not welcome. 

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Democratic politicians roll over and force first responders to comply with the demands of radical insurgents. The negligence of these politicians puts the lives of their citizens in danger. 

The New York Post wrote: 

“(Kim) Griffin (a Minneapolis resident) said her nephew, Imez Wright, was gunned down within the zone over the weekend — and that activists blocked cops from responding.

NewsNation now reporter Brian Entin was recently reporting from the autonomous zone — which surrounds East 38th Street and Chicago Avenue, where Floyd was killed — when he was confronted by two activists dressed in all black.”

“Police were not allowed to get into that area; he was carried out outside of the zone of George Floyd Square,” Griffin said. “It was made clear law enforcement was not welcome to penetrate that zone, which is an atrocity because his life was taken, and I mean who knows whether or not he would have survived had things been different.” 

Lives lost. Because our governors and mayors refuse to act against insurgents who impeachment justice and safety. 

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