Pompeo Says He’s Rooting For Biden Despite Difference In World Views

The former Secretary of State under President Donald Trump, Mike Pompeo had some interesting things to say about the Biden Administration. 

Pompeo says that Biden’s Secretary of State, Antony Blinken has consulted with him. The former cabinet member says that while the two men have a completely separate worldview, they have a shared interest in making America great. 

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The shared desire to make our country strong and great is something that I will work on with all,” he said. 

Pompeo says that despite reservations he may have about the President, he is rooting for this administration. Really, all Americans should root for whoever is President, even if they disagree with that person. 

Hoping the President of the country you live in fails, could be likened to hoping the pilot of the plane you are on crashes. In the end, not only is the President failing but so are you. 

“I am rooting for the Biden administration to be successful, in spite of my critique and my enormous concerns about the policies that they’ve chosen,” Pompeo said. “I want them to be successful.”

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He continued to express that he is happy to talk with and advise any member of the Biden Administration who reaches out to him for help. 

“Any time someone from the administration calls and asks, I’m happy to speak to them and give them my views and my thoughts — sometimes a little piece of history, something that I had worked on that they might not have known about — and I did the same thing, I called on my predecessors, regardless of their party, to inquire about the things that they had worked on and what had worked and what had not.” Pompeo explained. 

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This also allows to Biden administration ti potentially understand the perspectives of conservatives from yeh previous administration. 


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