Trevor Noah to Debate Crowder about Joe Rogan?

During a live show, popular conservative podcast host Stephen Crowder received a Twitter message from the notorious “comedian” Trevor Noah. 

In response to the mentioning of Noah on Crowder’s show, he asked him in a DM, “Why didn’t you invite me on to talk…”. Oddly enough, Crowder could just the same ask Trevor Noah why instead of throwing Joe Rogan under the bus, he didn’t just invite Rogan on to talk. 

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Stephen Crowder however instead immediately  responded by saying “Well I’ll have Trevor Noah on to talk about it.” The Crowder team welcomed the idea. “We’ll have our people reach out to your people.” 

“Alright, well Mr. Noah, you’re more than welcome and we can exchange contact information.” He said. “Let me be very clear, if we have Trevor Noah on – of course, it would be respectful and cordial,” Crowder concluded. 

Crowder and friends appear serious about hosting the popular Comedy Central commentator, but it’s unclear if Trevor Noah would actually be willing to sit down and allow himself to be cross-examined by a strong-minded conservative. 

“I’ll gain a lot of respect for Trevor Noah if he comes on. Whether it end up (sic) in fiery debate, a call discussion, or whatever. Just the fact that he would step foot in somewhere so unprotecting of his views would make me see him very differently from other left-wing talking heads.” Said one commenter named Nos Estamos on YouTube. 

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An article posted on the Louder with Crowder website claims that Stephen already has some questions “locked and loaded” for the host of the Daily Show, should he choose to cross intellectual swords. 


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