NCAA Swim Star Riley Gaines Criticizes Adidas For “Pride Swimsuit”

Advocate Expresses Concern Over Adidas Swimsuit in Pride Collection


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Riley Gaines, an advocate for fair and equal women’s sports and Rep. Nancy Mace, R-S.C., recently expressed their concerns about a model promoting a woman’s Adidas swimsuit as part of the company’s pride collection, joined by several others. The recent “Let Love Be Your Legacy” collaboration and campaign between Adidas and South African designer Rich Mnisi aims to support allyship and freedom of expression without bias where sports and culture collide. However, one of the models on the Adidas website, wearing the swimsuit, caught Gaines and other’s attention on social media.

While Adidas promoted the women’s collection and campaign, it announced it partnered with Athlete Ally, a non-profit organization, “which focuses on ending homophobia and transphobia in sport.” According to Athlete Ally founder Hudson Taylor, their goal is to drive inclusivity in sport and support student athletes from the LGBTQI+ community and their allies to push for fair access and safe participation in sport. With the collaboration, they have created more affirming athletic spaces to celebrate the community across sexual orientations, gender identities, and gender expressions.


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However, those who support fair treatment for all genders in sport worry that promoting a woman’s swimsuit in a pride collection detracts from the celebration of true inclusivity. They suggest that it sends the wrong message and that the collection should feature gender-neutral clothing instead. Women’s sports are already battling for equal treatment, with recent controversies involving trans athletes competing against non-trans athletes.

Gaines has been vocal about keeping women’s sports fair and equal, saying in an interview, “Ultimately, it’s about biological females competing against biological females in order to maintain a level playing field that’s fair — that also protects females’ rights to opportunities and girls’ rights to gender-specific competition.” She and others like her are not against LGBTQI+ rights in sports but seek fair and equal treatment for all genders.

While many support equal rights for the LGBTQI+ community, conservatives are often accused of being against these rights. In reality, they want to uphold the Constitution’s promise of equal protection under the law and prevent discrimination against anyone based on gender or sexual orientation. They just disagree on how best to achieve these goals.

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To achieve these objectives, it is crucial to emphasize the need for equal rights without compromising women’s sport. Conservatives are aware of the importance of upholding tradition, and acknowledge the bigger threat posed by those advocating against traditional values. That said, conservatives also recognize the need to move forward without leaving anyone behind and encourage inclusivity without compromising the rights or opportunities of others.

Adidas’ collaboration with Athlete Ally aims to create more space for inclusivity in sport for people from different sexual and gender orientations. However, at the same time, it should not take away from the importance of maintaining a fair playing field for biological females. Ensuring fair competition and equality amongst all genders is central to eliminating gender discrimination in sports, and it is vital that every player is given an equal opportunity to succeed.

As conservative people, we recognize the need to have open and respectful discussions about gender issues in sports while acknowledging and protecting the safety, rights and opportunities of all athletes. We recognize that the idea of inclusivity for all is essential in sports but that it should not be used as a weapon to take away anybody’s rights or opportunities. Hence, considering such collaborations, there is a need to spotlight gender equality and the importance of a level playing field advocating for traditional values and fair competition.

Besides, it is crucial to have conversations that are unbiased and not driven by a political agenda. The concern about including a woman’s swimsuit in the pride collection is not just a conservative concern but rather a broader concern of preserving the sanctity of traditional sports while providing equal opportunities for everyone to participate. This is the only way to promote inclusivity, celebrate, and accept diversity without discrimination.

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Indeed, everyone should respect and support athletes irrespective of their sexual or gender orientation, but we should not lose sight of the fact that biological males competing against biological females can have unintended consequences and disadvantages for women in sports. Fair competition between athletes is fundamental, and promoting it should be a top priority regardless of anyone’s social or political views.

On the same note, in promoting inclusivity in sports, it is essential to stick to what is natural and right rather than pandering to what seems to be politically correct. While promoting inclusion in sports, we must also ensure that people’s rights are not jeopardized. Any move that blemishes the sanctity of sports by advocating against fair competition should be firmly opposed.

Finally, promoting gender equality in sports is a noble objective pursued by many organizations, including Athlete Ally and Adidas. However, sexism and gender biases persist in sports, and it is crucial to work towards correcting these biases as we strive for equality. Meaningful progress can be made by maintaining fair competition, gender-specific sport categories, and protecting the biological boundaries between male and female athletes. It is vital to keep moving forward with inclusivity and respect for all athletes while also upholding traditional values and fair competition.

Conservatives are not against inclusivity or equal rights for all genders and orientations. However, they insist on upholding traditional values, promoting fair competition, and protecting the rights, opportunities, and safety of all athletes. It is important to achieve a delicate balance between promoting inclusivity and preserving the sanctity of sports by advocating for fair competition. Only then can we achieve true inclusivity in all areas of life.

In conclusion, the concerns raised over the recent Adidas swimsuit promotion showcase the importance of upholding fairness and equality for all genders in sports. While inclusivity is an admirable goal, it should not come at the expense of the integrity of sports or the opportunity for fair competition among all genders. By promoting fair competition and maintaining gender-specific categories, we can ensure that every athlete has an equal shot at success.

As conservatives, we recognize the significance of a balanced approach to such conversations, planning, and actions. We believe in inclusivity but also in maintaining the dignity of the sport, promoting traditional values, and protecting the safety of athletes. Proper consideration and balance should be given to both equality and fair competition in sports to maximize the growth and success of our future generations.


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