AOC Was Not In The Capitol Building When She was ‘Almost Killed’

On the 28th, AOC claimed that Ted Cruz “Almost had her murdered” on the 6th of January during the Capitol riots.

But as it turns out, Cortez was not even in the Capitol building at the time of the riots. She was in another building completely. Far away from the disruption.

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AOC clapped back to this tweet, claiming that Jack Posobiec was being disingenuous because most citizens don’t understand the layout of the capitol complex. She claimed that she was actually near the unrest.

Of course, Jack had an answer. He showed where the Capitol Building is, Versus where AOC was at the time. There was actually a security perimeter between her, and the protest.

It would appear that in fact, it was AOC manipulating information, not Jack Posobiec.


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